Business cards with QR code 2015-02-16

Business cards with QR code

I was looking to print some business cards when I thought it would be great to have a QR code with the necessary info on it. So I created one based on some existing template.

Result of the edited template.

Result of the edited template.

Of course I was not the first one thinking of using a QR code and because of that there even exists a proper protocol called

MeCard especially for this purpose. The older Vcard standard is more verbose and thus not ideal for (small) QR Codes.

LaTeX is my goto typesetting language so I looked for some templates. I found some simple business card template by ShareLaTeX but without any QR code support. Some other template with QR code support exist but it uses an outdated (non-working) LaTeX package. After finding the newer qrcode package I had everything to create the best of both worlds.

After tweaking the ShareLaTeX template a little with QRcode support I created my own business card easily, as you can see above. The modified template can be found on Github and you are free to use it in any way if you reference the original author(s) properly.

tags: business cards - LaTeX - MeCard - template - vCard